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Jul. 31st, 2004 @ 05:03 pm A True Ravenclaw...
Current Mood: determineddetermined

Dear Father,

     I think you will be pleased to hear that I have been accepted into the Ravenclaw house. The house with the most academically focused minds. As you would know, being once a Ravenclaw yourself. I have yet to read your letter or open your package so forgive me if I don't mention it here. I just feel, seeing at the moment I am not alone, I would prefer to open them when the rooms are empty. The common room is full of boys and my dormitory of my roommates. So, when the time is right.. until then, I thank you in advance.

     So, the sorting ceremony went rather well. I was the in the beginning and the hat was speaking to me with such riddles and actually asking me where I wanted to be place. Father, some of the things he was saying were very confusing.

     Well, father, classes tomorrow and I must prepare my books. I shall write soon.

                                                                                             Your daughter with love,

                                                                                                Nyssa Cadea Milth


So, I wrote to father but I haven't decided if I want to send it yet. I might actually want to add more about some of the students I've met so far. Like Jed, the only male who hasn't looked at us crossed eyed, or the fellow girls in Ravenclaw. The boys must be just spinning with anger. I do enjoy it actually. I would never tell anyone that but it just doesn't bother me the way they look at me. I know I'm better than half.. more than half of them. I can match up to them and I will. So, let them look at me with cold stares and let them make comments behind my back and huff. It just goes to show how immature they're being. But, who can blame them for having to change their everyday lives to take in the accomidation of those who are better.


Journal, I must confide in you. I do fear the upcoming year. Just because what if this is a trial? What if, after this year, because some of the other girls can't keep up, they re-evalutate the situation and next year I'm back at home practicing in my attic?

Well, Journal. I must end this journal. I feel a headache growing in my temples and there is still much to be done before I can sleep. Farewell.... and I do hope Jinx will be alright tonight. I hope the other owls won't be prejudice to mine, even though he is a boy, he does belong to a female after all.

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Jul. 29th, 2004 @ 12:42 am The Morning of Boarding
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: hoof beats and squeaky wheels

It's the following morning, Journal, and can you believe my father is not home? Of course you could believe it. How could I believe, even for a second that he would be here? How could I even for a second thing I could mean even a trip to London with him? Now I have to take a portkey to London on my own. *sigh* I took a few minutes out of my morning to let you know Journal what a wonderful father I have. He at least made me breakfast. So, I figured while I eat this, I'll write.

My mind is racing with anticipation. I look out at the beautiful sun and wonder who else is up and waiting for today to begin. There must be hundreds of girls and boys who are going to be there tonight. Not only the first years but image in the number of girls, like myself, who are still young enough to be taught but would translate to a forth year. It's amazing to think!

Jinx is set to travel, Journal. He's sleeping right now and didn't even put up a fight when I lifted him from his perch on the windowsill and placed him in his cage. He'll get weary of it soon enough but he knows how he has to travel through the portkey. I don't want to loose him somewhere between here and London. How horrible that would be!

My father is getting me a carriage this morning, supposing he remembered, and I will travel with my luggage to London and get to King's Crossing and go through the barrier of Platform 9 and 3/4 and on my way to Hogwart's! Picture it Journal. You, me and Jinx sitting in a dormitory that once belonged to a boy and studying under some of the finest minds in witchcraft and wizardy. I've heard of some of the professors and their ways and what they think of us, as if we were a virus, but things will change, yes they will.

Well, I have finished my breakfast long ago and I can hear the sounds of the horses coming. Here comes the carriage at least my father has pulled through with something. Oh, and there is so much more to do.. Farewell Journal...........

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Jul. 19th, 2004 @ 03:27 pm Diagon Alley
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: whistling wind and the snoring of an owl
Well, my anticipation for tomorrow is keeping me awake yet again. So, Journal, I will confide in you for the moment. Jinx has returned with a prize for me, yet this one seemed to have struggled on his way to the attic and half of him seems to have fallen. Oh, Jinx… I think perhaps I should give this gift back to him and let him savor it himself. My, my, my.
I don’t believe I told you of my shopping experience at Diagon Alley, Journal so let me tell you of it now.

Father accompanied me to Diagon Alley on one of his few days off with a pocket full of coins, and surprisingly a listening ear. I must say, now that I’m leaving and going to school, he seems to be paying some more attention to me. Sometimes it overwhelms me seeing as I’ve never had it before. Anyway, back to the event at hand, we had just come through London and made our way through the brick archway, he even let me try my magical hand at the wall. If I could only describe the smile he gave me when I got it on the first try! If I could show you!

Well, we had stepped through the archway and were pushing our way through the cobble streets browsing really since father had bought my supplies one day after work since he’s generally in this area for work, when a boy not much older than me, slammed his shoulder into me. On purpose of course. I turned to him but my father just grabbed my hand and squeezed it so I turned back. The muttered something on the lines of being unworthy and wasting teachers time when I had turned to him again to shout back at him and perhaps strike him, if my anger got the best of me, when I noticed someone else was scolding him first.

My father had taken hold of the boy by the collar of his robe and was speaking sternly to him. “My daughter has every right to learn at Hogwart’s with the likes of filthy little children like you.” Sometime during this, he had pulled his wand out, “And, if I find out you have caused this girl any harm or trouble while she is there, and believe me I will find out, I will not think twice to place the worst, most horrible spell you can think of and then some. And moreover, why not tell your friends, she and other girls are off limits to you and your bullies, understand?” he had placed his wand back in his robe after letting the boy see it lit at the end a fiery red, “Now, boy, where are your parents?”

I couldn’t believe it! Journal, can you imagine? I laughed only after the boy had showed my father his parents and had a slight row with them as well. The boy was shaking in his boots. Shaking! Oh, Journal, you should have seen it. I had to treat my father to a chocolate covered frog when he came back grinning and snickering slightly. It was incredible the way he handled the situation and the fact that I never would have thought I should be allowed to attend a school he had gone to. I mean, I had heard him belittle the cause with his brothers around the fire and my uncle would whisper something about me and he would agree.

Oh, Journal, I just don’t know his true feelings towards me. I mean, yes he loves me and I thought he didn’t believe in me but he does. Journal….if you could have seen! I am nearly bent over laughing. I should keep it down before he wakes and finds me not in bed.
I think I’m becoming more and more grateful for this opportunity seeing as it is bringing my father and I closer. Well, journal, when Jinx falls asleep it must be early morning. I must try to get some myself. Good night Journal.
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Jul. 13th, 2004 @ 04:25 pm Disappointment
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: The gentle hum of the moon

I asked my father the previous night if he would be accompanying me to King's Crossing in the morning. He reluctantly agreed, barely looking up from his parchment by the fire. But he told me how to get through anyway, which really tells me he won't be there. He has allowed me to take the portkey to London where I will catch the train to Hogwart's and even at this late hour, I can't wait to leave. I sit in the attic at this moment, Jinx on my shoulders, watching the moon cast faces on the houses below. I wonder how many others I don't know about will be sitting up at this moment awaiting tomorrow. I grow more and more impatient rather than nervous. A smile creeps across my face as I think of it. By tomorrow night I could sitting at a table with fellow students, males and females alike, waiting to be taught. We are the future. That must count for something.

Jinx is getting even more restless than myself, his wings are twitching against my ears and is quite ticklish. Perhaps if I let him stretch his wings outside for a bit he'll feel better for the day ahead of us. There he goes, taking flight in the night, searching for a small prey to take his frustration out upon. I wish I could do the same sometimes. My father says it runs in out blood, well in the men of the family so it might have passed me, the ability to transform and morph into a beast, I forget what he calls it. Anyway, he says everyone can do it, but it runs naturally in our blood. He's even showed me his animal self. It's quite a spectacle, I must say, watching your father turn into a large black crow, I even has a portrait of us together, one of the few humorous moments we have together.

Well, I can feel sleep approaching faster than day so I muct bid thee farewell until the morning. I need to get some rest before a day long train ride. 

I'll just leave the window open for Jinx to come back in.  

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Jul. 13th, 2004 @ 12:27 am Hogwarts
Current Mood: determineddetermined
At last, the world and the times are changing and I will finally have the ability to change with them. Hogwarts is letting females into the castle and you can be sure I will be there. I have waited so long for this opportunity and am as eager as the first day I laid my hands on one of my father's spell books. Of course, my father offers no congratulatory or kind words, just a nod and a stare. That bloody stare makes me want to jab his eyes out, it's the stare that makes my heart blood. He hates me but can't say it because he loved my mother and I look just like her. He wishes I was a boy. And now, he won't have anyone to carry the family name forward. But I am glad I will be gone from here, I'm sick of the attic and rust and dirt and I'm sick of the emptiness. I know schooling is going to be hard with this change, but again, times are changing and eventually the boys will now how much they need us.
So, I must get packing and maybe my father will have something to say when he sees me leave in the morning.... but my hopes are never high.
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