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Rain Clouds Come To Play

The Journal of Nyssa Milth

17 March
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My name is Nyssa Milth and I am the first female born into this family. My mother died during my birth so I live with my father who barely has the time for me. I'm 14 and spend my days studying in the attic and a hidden room my father created to keep me occupied while he was at work for the Ministry of Magic which is all the time. Now, being able to go to Hogwarts is a dream come true and I await the day when I can study and perform my magic in public. I'll make a place for myself in this family of men.

Furthermore, I have an owl named Jinx that is quite old but still worthy and belonged to my mother, a gift from her father. I rarely travel without him since he is the closest thing to a friend when my fatheris always away and sometimes I must accompany him, not so much now that I am older. As a matter of fact, now, I rarely leave my house and only know of two other witches and wizards that aren't related to me in this area of Ireland. Too bad I don't fancy them much.

I have rich black hair from my father that as always been kept short until recently; and the face of my mother with her large dark eyes.

I am fond of my wand and it even has a name which I won't disclose, it's much too personal; but I guard it with my life as it is the only heartfelt gift my father ever bought me while on a trip overseas. But he explained the meaning to me: "Ebony is obviously striking with its pure black color. It represents strength and generates unsurpassed magical energy. The Holly in the handle is the symbol of life, vitality and immortality and is perfect for use in spoken spells," he told me, polishing it with a satin cloth before he handed it to me, smiled and left me alone... again.

Favorite Class: Transfiguration, Charms & Herbology
Least Favorite Class: Divination